Thursday, July 23, 2009

handweaved by yours truly...

Too fool to fall inlove
why does it always be to be confuse with flee?
everything changes about me
when you came into my heart by leap
Foolish is what they can say
to love you for so faraway
I don't have the enough guts to say
The emotions that keeps on boggling me
Telling me that ypu really love me
is really impossible
Cause' I know my rival is very unpredictable
Together with you fulfilled my purest dream
to enjoy the sea hand in hand to watch the sunset ,
as we lay on the white sand
maybe it's really faith
maybe it really never going to happen
But someday I wish I could hold and call you mine
same way
feels like im drowning,
feels like im exhausted,
feels like im hallucinating,
everytime i see with your girl,
you hug her so tender
and the words you always whisper to her
how I wish that im that girl
hoping your girl of ur dreams
and feeling the same way I feel about you
If you really knew
I may not be serious as you see me in my actions
You may not hear the sweet words I always say abt you
I may not be close enough to approach you dearly
But my heart shout with flee
when I hear your voice
You may feel Im a friend of yours who really cares and love you
But all this time deep inside in my heart
I really mean love you...
guys come and go
sometimes they're arrogant and left you in sorrow
tearin' up ur heartand findin' someone to start
they give you headaches and heartaches
and if you're not too careful your heart might break
they can be actors in movies
like making you laugh,cry and saying "IM sorry"
Guys willl change for sure
hope that's true and for secure
sick and tired of their liesI can't help to say it's time to say goodbye!!
***my poems***highschool days...made it from scratch..lols =P

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