Thursday, July 23, 2009


"I have loved you in silence"
Whenevr I looked at youI feel sudden sadness
beacause i knew you are someone
Who could never be mine
maybe you have noticed the sudden changes I am having lately
I just couldnt handle it anymore
I can't go on pretending
I hate myself for not being able to admit
I am too afraid of the consequencesthat are bound to happen
Your smile keep on haunting me
my mind is telling me to forget you...But how?
For long I have loved in silence
I tried to show it
Hoping that you'll soon seethe feelings that I hide are so blind
Or maybe you're just not ready
For something like this
Or maybe you are waiting for my move
A move that might never happen
The distance between us is gettin' bigger
I couldn't do anything but
To admire from a distance
I know whatever happens You and I will remain as a dream
Only in my dreams I can hold you'
Only there I can tell you are mine
But when the dream is finally over
Reality creeps through my heart and says you're someone who could never be mine.
*fave poems*bear with it...

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